arcade dominator doppelganger

A friend of mine says I remind him of this guy Freddie Wong. I don’t know why.

For those of you that know me watch the video and decide/laugh to yourselves. For those of you that don’t, it’s so awesome it doesn’t really matter either way.

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true american dog

There are no words to describe how awesome and weird this website is. Just check it out for yourself here. Here’s three awesome pictures from the website.

Eagle adoption begins in america

Bear wins tournament for college team

Dog guesses dying man's favorite car


my spheron magnetic race car is awesome

I was at Target yesterday walking around because I needed to get new 9 volt batteries for the fire alarm and my clock. Something that I do if I have the time is stroll through the toy section to see what new craziness is being released to entertain the kids. I have a growing collection […]