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I was at Target yesterday walking around because I needed to get new 9 volt batteries for the fire alarm and my clock. Something that I do if I have the time is stroll through the toy section to see what new craziness is being released to entertain the kids. I have a growing collection of toys and plush animals, so I have to limit what I get these days.

There was one nerdy toy I couldn’t resist getting. The Spheron Race Car. The wheels are metallic and attach to the chassis of the car with magnets. Pretty cool. It comes with a little display ramp that the car sticks to with its magnetic power. If you push the car down a bit, it releases from the vertical platform and launches at incredibly smooth speed across the floor. It was only $5, so it wasn’t too bad an investment on an innovative concept. Check out these pictures I took after getting back home. Maybe you’ll be convinced of having one as well and joining the ranks of the true dorks.

spheron race car