little lotus project: bringing the arts to thailand & burma

Please support this wonderful project and cause. Safe travels Aaron.

Press Release: In December of 2011, those involved will be participants in the Little Lotus Project, where 12 artists from around the world have been chosen to travel to a remote region along the Thailand/Burma border to help refugee children through arts and […]

the future of art

Things are a changing indeed. Technology is allowing us to conceptualize in an increasingly non-linear way.

This eye-opening video is perfect for artists, designers or anyone who has a fascination with how the internet, and more generally modern technology, is changing our world today.

What are the defining aesthetics of art in […]

human: the science behind what makes us unique

I was listening to an interview with Michael Gazzaniga, the author of the book Human while drawing at work. The discussion first dealt with the uniqueness and similarities between other living creatures, then moved on to how that applies as a logical overlay in bioethics and observational similarities that seem hard-wired into our genome objective […]

orphaned works legislation

I read about this on several artist blogs and heard it on email the past few weeks. This is highly alarming to anyone out there making a living from art. First, the definition of what is at stake:

An Orphaned Work is any creative work of art where the artist or copyright owner has released […]

elephant paints self portrait !!!

I am completely amazed and speechless about this video. I’ve seen animals painting abstract objects, but this is a literal image, clear and recognizable. This shows real thinking, creative intelligence, and ability to express a narrative about a situation visually. Art is so awesome….this elephant is able to demonstrate to people what it likes! Haha, […]

the nature of water

Bruce Lee’s legend and iconic presence live on long after his death. He’s the quintessential martial artist all others follow. To celebrate his legacy and philosophies, Nucleus will host The Nature of Water opening on Saturday, January 5th (7to 11 PM) featuring art inspired by Bruce Lee from a large group of artists. Shannon Lee, […]