arcade dominator doppelganger

A friend of mine says I remind him of this guy Freddie Wong. I don’t know why.

For those of you that know me watch the video and decide/laugh to yourselves. For those of you that don’t, it’s so awesome it doesn’t really matter either way.


i am 8 bit: event pictures and article links

Below are some links and great pictures ( taken at the I am 8 Bit event that happened a couple of days ago. A few of my friends (Woebots, Peekaboo, 2H) from Pocket Full of Monsters customized an arcade machine that was sitting out in front of the venue. Wow. It looks like they took [...]

king of kong: a fistful of quarters

As I was painting last night I was finally able to check out this movie. I’ve been curious about it ever since seeing trailers and the hype, pumping it up as the classic video game movie must see. After finishing the film and being absolutely riveted for 79 minutes, you can guess that my happy [...]