new creature comforts

Who can forget the brilliant and hilarious creature comforts created by the good folks at Aardman Animation?

The great news for all who enjoy anthropomorphic animals pining about politics, social matters, and annoying neighbors are all new episodes on animal planet.

Creature Comforts finds a new home on Animal Planet this week, with episode [...]

mongoose vs asian cobra

Witness this vicious battle between two mortal enemies, the Mongoose and the Asian cobra.

One of my favorite stories retelling the this tale of conflict is Rikki Tikki Tavi. The valiant Rikki (mongoose) does battle with his nemeses Nag and Nagaina (cobras). Check it out if you’ve never heard of it and enjoy exciting, thrilling [...]

lions vs hyenas: eternal enemies

I like watching animal documentaries, especially the ones in which they follow a pride, herd, or group of specific animals, giving each a name while highlighting their individual personalities and situations. What never ceases to amaze me is how when observing the animal kingdom, we are often given a mirror into our own behaviors and [...]