i am 8 bit: event pictures and article links

Below are some links and great pictures (notcot.com) taken at the I am 8 Bit event that happened a couple of days ago. A few of my friends (Woebots, Peekaboo, 2H) from Pocket Full of Monsters customized an arcade machine that was sitting out in front of the venue. Wow. It looks like they took […]

comicon was crazy! stan lee, disney channel, stangeco, livepainting, munky king, drink and draw

Woo hoo. Comicon was crazy. So was meeting Stan Lee face to face and talking to him briefly at the Disney Channel event. Thanks for the invite Jay. I fell asleep in the hallway of the convention center in the middle of playing Yoshi’s Island DS, due to sleep deprivation. Live painting at the Strange […]

sneakerpimps la: dave white, irakny, kinsey, lupe fiasco, dj qbert, mainframe, jimmahfood, peekaboo, angry woebots, tragnark

I will be livepainting again this year at Sneakerpimps. This year I will be there with my friends: Mainframe, Jim Mahfood, Peekaboo, and Angry Woebots

Also painting will be Dave White, IRAKNY, and KINSEY Lupe Fiasco and DJ QBert will be spinning at the show, so it’s sure to be a fun time.

The Venue […]

sneakerpimps la livepainting

Live painting at Sneakerpimps was a blast! Thousands of people for the event, and a line around the block waiting to get in the whole night. Much thanks to Amy Duran for all the photography and Peter Fahey for making it happen.

sneakerpimps la: mixmaster mike, biz markie, dj am, stevie williams, kidrobot, five deadly venoms

Mark down the 8th of July on your Calender. I’m will be doing a live painting installation with some friends for Sneakerpimps when it rolls into LA. Mix Master Mike and Biz Markie will be performing. There will be a skate sesh with Stevie Williams, and give-aways from Kidrobot.

Check the flyer.