12:34pm 56 seconds 07/08/09

In case you missed it, today’s date can read from 1 to 9, if displayed a certain way. Like this, for example. Neato.

sculpting in the eye of a needle

Yes. You heard me right. This amazing artist Willard Wigan literally makes sculptures that fit into the eye of a needle.

It’s still a huge mystery to me how he controls his shaping tools on such a minuscule level and paints the characters. He describes losing a past work in progress by accidentally breathing it [...]

version 8 up and running, and burning robot breakers

For a while now I’ve been meaning to do a whole revision on the website. This will be the 8th major version. After getting back from the studio on friday, I had a quick dinner, then proceeded to put a good night’s work into getting it done. By 5am on Saturday I was at a [...]

carnival fangs

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been racking my brains and putting together some designs for my friends at PFOM and Silent Stage Gallery.

It’s been good times looking at different source material for a new direction to take my personal work in.


the unique and bizarre world of zeno clash

Steam had a good deal this weekend for the game Zeno Clash. My interest was originally piqued after reading Brad Shoemaker’s positive review at Giant Bomb.

The pure weirdness of the story and character design caught my eye immediately. The two day sale was enough to convince me to purchase and give it a [...]

six different scifi themed thumnail sketches

Here are six different ideas I explored in rough thumbnail format. I tried creating different dominant shapes as well as themes and lighting. The challenge was starting with the same blank space as the foundation for each concept. I’ve titled each of the sketches according to their separate stories, all scifi in theme.

A) [...]

sasuke 22, ninja warrior 22

This year’s Sasuke 22 (Ninja Warrior in the US) was one of the most exciting competitions of all time. Yuuji Urushihara, the humble shoe salesman, was mere seconds away from making Sasuke history! It seems the tides are turning with the well-known Sasuke All-Star veterans being tallied out early in the first round of competitions, [...]

bansula egg and crytrog doorway / gateway

Here are some detail concepts of the bansula egg and crytrog door.

The door is ceremonial in presentation, and runs off a plasmid life-force that is held in stasis by the sacred yaggridisl stems. They power the door and allow them to be used as conventional entrances between rooms and gateways to other rooms [...]

king of fighters XII

SNK ups the ante of hand drawn sprites in its new 2-D fighter. This looks to be one of the best looking King Of Fighters yet. Nice artwork and animation.


chocolate milk

This is very tasty, and is the fullest flavored milk I’ve had in a while.

I’ve lived in different parts of the country and never saw the brand before, so I assume it’s probably a local one from local farms, hence the awesome taste. The natural stuff tastes more like the food I remember eating [...]

critter crunch, a rainbow barfing good time

I’m a sucker for awesome puzzle games, especially ones like this. The animation and game play look really fun and exciting. Who would have thought barfing rainbows into each other’s mouths could be such a jolly good time?

up: the motley crew of carl, russell, dug, and kevin

Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man with a floating house traverses through an undiscovered world of flora and fauna, accompanied by a young asian cubscout, a technologically enhanced golden retriever, and exotically strange bird….and, it’s completely acceptable because of solid personality and character development.

I just saw UP over the weekend. This has got to [...]

wizard boy with a melon head

Sometimes before diving into some illustration work, I do a little warm-up sketch and painting. Here’s one from today.

I wonder if his head is to too big to stay straight when he casts spells? Maybe his spells are crooked.

To see more sketches click here.


zombie fire ants controlled by phorid flies

Does Invasion Of The Body Snatchers sound like something reserved for the silver screen only? Perhaps not, thanks to the strange and unique life cycle of the phorid fly. Instead of personally caring for their larvae, this winged insect opts for converting prey into a living nursery, zombie style.

In South America female phorid [...]

rap chop: steve porter vs shamwow vs breakin’

Take slicing and dicing (SlapChop), courtesy of the ShamWow! guy (Vince Shlomi), put it in an audio blender via Steve Porter, and parallel edit with moments from the always classic Breakin’.

Makes me hungry….and pop lock at the same time.


cityscape and fly cabs in color

Here’s the final image in vector format. I changed many of the elements in the city, per the request of who I was making it for. The flying fish have been transformed into flies, and the building are made out of found objects instead of being more traditional looking.

To see more illustration/animation work [...]

cityscape and the many pupiled skyscraper

A couple development sketches from an animated project last year. I’ll be posting the finished artwork here next. I wanted to show these sketches first, as they are different in a few ways from the final vector image. For one there’s this Brahma-like head mounted on the highest skyscraper of the city, which senses in [...]