i am 8 bit: chrono trigger painting

Time for a past art update. Here’s the painting I did for this year’s I am 8 Bit Show. Robo, Crono, Lucca, Ayla, Frog and Marle are all in the image.

You can download a larger version for your desktop here.

Watch the video below to see a great rendition of the Chrono Trigger [...]

ancient art of falconry

I was rummaging through old work in storage and found some entertaining drawings from 4th grade: warriors with mechanical birds perched on their shoulders to aid in battle. I wasn’t sure where the idea came from then, but now know that its origins started in Falconry. There are even places allow you to witness the [...]

voting after a day’s work

After putting in a day’s work, I headed off to vote. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure to get out to your local precinct and caste your ballot.

Not too long ago my friend Joe sent this funny video to myself and others relating to the election. Hahaha. I was tricked at first [...]

devil dog artshow tonight: pumpkin heads

If you are in the NYC area tonight and are in a Halloween mood, drop on by the The Showroom Gallery tonight from 7pm to 11pm and check out the Devil Dog Artshow.

If you need directions, click here to get them at google maps.

Here’s the piece I did for the show, it is [...]

boston dynamics – robotic quadruped

BigDog is the alpha male of the Boston Dynamics family of robots. It is a quadruped robot that walks, runs, and climbs on rough terrain and carries heavy loads. BigDog is powered by a gasoline engine that drives a hydraulic actuation system. BigDog’s legs are articulated like an animal’s, and have compliant elements that absorb [...]

mr. nico and mr. bear

Apparently somebody thinks Mr. Nico looks like a certain Mr. Bear.

Notice the fine attention to details, such as the uneven facial hair and the Masters of the Universe t shirt. My favorite nuance would have to be the epic struggle between stickman Skeletor and He-Man below the logo of the animated series.

Who [...]

barking squirrel

One Saturday morning I woke up to an odd barking noise outside. A lot of our neighbors have dogs and take them for walks in the morning, so naturally I thought Sparky was the source of the commotion. Scanning the ground yielded no visual confirmation. Instead, my eyes were directed up to a tree branch [...]

machine attempts to trick man in a turing test

subject "C" is tested to decide whether the individual is "A" or "B"

The Turing test is a proposal for a test of a machine‘s ability to demonstrate intelligence.

A human judge engages in a natural language conversation with one human and one machine, each of which try to appear human; if the judge [...]

third presidential debate at hofstra university

Hofstra University hosted this year’s third presidential debate in a sit-down forum moderated by Bob Shieffer. The University has a feature-rich index page with various media relating to the issues discussed. If you haven’t looked into some of the issues on the tip of spear, this hub of information is a good place to start.


a new ziggurat planned in dubai

Dubai seems to be ahead of the curve with architecture and urban planning. A thousand years from now, who knows? Perhaps in time our planet will be covered with geometric structures like this.

I myself would be interested in seeing the technology on a more modular level, where I could buy a miniature family-size [...]

super animal friends to the rescue

Besides Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, there is one other sparring game that is blowing my mind: Ultimate Ninja Storm. The style, timing, and cinematic quality has been translated in a way which I’ve never seen in a 3-d fighter. The frame rate seems to hold stable during game play, even at intensive [...]

mouse battles snake and wins

A surprising story that demonstrates how the tables can turn at any point and time…..Advantage, mouse.

A mouse bit a venomous viper to death after it was thrown into the snake’s cage as a lunchtime snack. The tiny rodent killed the snake after a fierce 30-minute battle, emerging with “barely a scratch on him”, according [...]

conjunction junction, what’s your function

First Aired: 1973 Lyrics & Music: Bob Dorough Performed by: Jack Sheldon Designed by: Tom Yohe and Bill Peckmann Animation by: Phil Kimmelman and Associates Fun Fact: Conjunction Junction was recorded on the same day as I’m Just a Bill, with the same band. Jazz singer Terry Morel sings the chorus.


Conjunction Junction, [...]

watching the industrial average

A stock investor by profession I am not, but I’ve been keeping my eye on the Dow Jones for the past few years. Market trends and how they are affected have always interested me. It’s like a complicated role-playing game of statistics and probabilities. Main St. is effected by Wall St, and every other market [...]

devil dog art show: in nyc at end of october

Here’s an art show I’m working on for the end of the month. It’s called the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog show at the Showroom Gallery in NYC. There’s a diverse lineup of artists, designers, directors, and actors taking part. I’m working on my design right now and will post more pictures in the near [...]

spore: the sim-everything from will wright

The concept surrounding this title posed some interesting questions not many explore. Origins, self-awareness, and the evolution of social organizations from bestial necessity to cosmic exploration find themselves under the macroscope. The game in no small way entertains the viewpoints between intelligent design and evolution. To some degree I think it plays a hybrid to [...]

bringing non-living matter to life

This will a be a milestone when fully developed, but should be developed in caution. My main concern is second generation technology that could evolve from this, such as self-replicating nano-machines. The notion of terminators in the future may be much smaller than we think…..

A team of biologists and chemists is closing in on [...]