horton hears a who tragnark toy pre-order

So they just recently released word of the Horton Toy Design I did for pre-order. I posted an earlier entry with all the details here. It’s being released by Super Rad Toys with distribution by Sideshow Collectibles sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. We were asked to do our own interpretation of Dr. [...]

liberals and conservatives

Heheh. My friend Ovi sent this out on our messageboard last week, and I thought it would be a good thing to share on this blog. The humor and the irony of the points made in this video had me rolling with laughter, especially the comment about mammon. At the same time, I take a [...]

t. rex family tree now includes chickens & ostriches

Tyrannosaurus rex just got a firm grip on the animal kingdom’s family tree, right next to chickens and ostriches. New analyses of soft tissue from a T.rex leg bone re-confirm that birds are dinosaurs’ closest living relatives.

“We determined that T. rex, in fact, grouped with birds – ostrich and chicken – better than any [...]