cambodian culture and photography

These are some fantastic pictures of Cambodia from National Geographic.

I was always intrigued by this part of the world. The way their temple architecture intertwines surrounding foliage looks like a future civilization where environment has integrated with structure. Cambodia has an interesting political history, with social revolution and many changes fertile in its wake. [...]

kix cereal with honey saves a stuffy nose

Today I had a bowl of KIX cereal. There is something about the simple cereals that is satisfactory; the taste is present without the trappings of marshmallows or fancy colors. Lately I’ve been eating cereal with honey instead of sugar. Woo hoo. It sure is good. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to [...]

toot, whistle, plunk, and boom

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom is an educational Adventures in Music animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions, and originally released to theaters by Disney’s Buena Vista Distribution on November 10, 1953. A sequel to the first Adventures in Music cartoon, the 3-D short Melody, Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom is a stylized [...]

digging for the origins of stonehenge

Some of the United Kingdom’s most storied soil was disturbed Monday for the first time in more than four decades as archaeologists worked to solve the enduring riddle of Stonehenge: When and why was the prehistoric monument built?

The excavation project, set to last until April 11, is designed to unearth materials that can [...]

saving the santa claus petroglyph in utah

This year, Santa can’t wait for Christmas. A small, but dedicated group of rock art preservationists in Utah – the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition, and their allies – are fighting to preserve what may be the original Santa Claus.

Ancient petroglyph of what could be ‘Santa’ and his crew

Nine Mile Canyon: Located high [...]

a black hole could engulf planet, litigators say

Fighting in Iraq. Somalia in chaos. Many people in the US can’t afford their mortgages and in some places now they can’t even afford rice.

None of this nor the rest of the grimness on the front page today will matter a bit, though, if two men pursuing a lawsuit in federal court in [...]

appleseed ex machina: shinji aramaki: john woo

This past weekend I was finally able to check out the latest release from the Appleseed franchise. In this newly released DVD, we have Shinji Aramaki reprising his role as director with the bad-ass John Woo who was brought in specifically to advise on story and action sequences. It is an interesting pairing, having a [...]