chubby bunny show finished

The Chubby Bunny Show is finished!

It will be up at the gallery until March 4th. You can view the online gallery and store by clicking here. You can view some pictures of the event by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone involved in the show and all your positive support. Thanks to all of those [...]

nanospore show at nyc comicon

I’ll be taking part in the Nanospore show at the NYC comicon this year. The show will be featured with the AdFunture Workshop booth for signings, along with SEEN and Shawnimals.


osaka popstar project wrapped up

Just finished up some artwork on the Osaka Popstar Album. The experience was great and I thank John for the invitation.

another happy new year

Hope everyone’s holiday season went well. Mine was spent back at home with the family catching up on all the movies I hadn’t seen for most of the past year. Har har. Oh yeah, if you like apples cored and sliced, check this out! Also, if you like documentaries as I do, try checking out [...]