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After getting 3 invites in the past couple weeks, I figured it was time to dive on in and see what the buzz is about.

You can add me into your circle by clicking here, or on the Google+ icon in the upper right hand corner of this page clustered with all the other social networks I’m a part of.

Google+ is growing on me. It doesn’t try to compete with Facebook, which is why I like it so much. Many of the interactive mechanics and relational tools are different. Plus, with the integrated toolbar (desktop and mobile enhanced) you can browse between their various app platforms and search engine platforms under one meta-user account seamlessly.

Boom boom boom.

There are alot of people who visit this site just for my art, or just for the weird stuff I blog about besides my art. Now you can subscribe to either blog individually.

The RSS feeds are now divided up into two separate sections.

You can get to either link by clicking on the RSS icons
….in upper-right hand corner.

1) orange on mouse-over: artwork blog feed
2) green on mouse-over: interest blog feed

I should have done this earlier. Shame on me.

Back in 2003 I humbly started version 1 of this website using frontpage and html. If you look at the dates on the right hand toolbar of the blog, you’ll see that I’ve started migrating old posts from the html days into the new website format. By the end of this weekend I’ll have everything added back in between 2003 and 2007, which includes some personal stories, odds and ends, and a bunch of projects I’ve worked on over that five year span of time.

For a while now I’ve been meaning to do a whole revision on the website. This will be the 8th major version. After getting back from the studio on friday, I had a quick dinner, then proceeded to put a good night’s work into getting it done. By 5am on Saturday I was at a point of having version 8 to a form that I was happy with, and more importantly ready to get some sleep.

It was at about this time all the power goes out in the homestead. For the past two or three weeks we’ve been getting temperatures up over 100 degrees, so I figured it was just an overload on the grid setting off breakers. I quickly ran downstairs, switched the main breaker back on, and got back into the office to work.

Twenty minutes later. Blackout. Woohoo. I happens again.

Only this time when I go to the breaker box it smells like burning robots. Stupendous…and you know on a holiday weekend at 6 in the morning electricians everywhere are open for business. So the weekend work is now correspondence and living from a hotel room.

Oh well, at least I was able to get the new website up and didn’t lose my work……and that, is why saving often is important. For you know not when your main power supply may spontaneously burn into a globular pile of copper and rubber.

If you’ve linked directly to a specific article in this blog from the past, they have been changed to search-engine-friendly ones.

Just two minutes ago I’ve finished updating the permalink structure on my blog. This is the only and last time I will ever be changing the permalink structure.

For a quick guide on permalinking straight from WordPress’s Codex go here

Most people, when constructing the “pretty permalinks” use the “%category%” and “%postname%” fields respectively for effective SEO.  On the Worpress Codex and other SEO blogs, they advise against starting any permalink with the “%category%”, “%postname%”, “%tag%”, or “%author%” fields.  Why is this so?  In general it adds unnecessary clutter to the database powering your blog and slows down queries to the information being called. It’s explained in better detail on Doug Cambell’s blog here. You can read it through and decide for yourself how you want to structure your posts. What’s important is knowing your options and finding the best solution to serve the needs of your blog.

For a while I had a translation engine on my blog because more than half of the visitors on this site are from other countries.  I wanted to start catering to their needs since they were visiting.

Unfortunately because of the high amount of translation requests, I ended up having to take it down.  I looked around for a better translator that was more reliable in writing cache files and load-balancing requests to different sources.  I was able to find an improved translation engine, and have revised my permalink structure as well.

You can translate my blog or any blog entry by clicking on the country flag in the upper-right hand corner of the page.  You will see also that it creates a permalink for each translated page which you can easily bookmark.

It’s taking time, but I’m finally starting to upload images of selected gallery shows and events that I’ve participated in over the years. You can check out what images I have up so far by clicking here. I’ll be updating it regularly from now on, so this will be the only multi-event update.

I just updated a bunch of code, formatting, and other things on the site. It runs a lot smoother now for many technical reasons. If you’ve been here recently, please take the time to clean out the cache files on your browser. Thank you.

I’ve just made some coding changes to the site so that I can update this section more frequently. I’ve retitled this section to “BLOG”, because I want to start including my influences and process, as well as finished work and projects. If certain pages aren’t loading correctly it’s because I’ve renamed a bunch of them. If you clear the cache files out of your browser and reload they should work fine.

Check out this classic Tex Avery animation. If you remember the scene in “Roger Rabbit” which Eddie Valiant is running from the Jessica Rabbit double in Toon Town, you may notice some stylistic influences.

This is a Chuck Jones animation called “Dover Boys”. I remember watching this years ago in college when our animation professor showed it to us as a demonstration in limited animation with an emphasis on snappy timing and strong key frames. A real classic.

Thanks for all visits everybody. Traffic from Europe has been spiking high for the past few months, and visits from Australia keep growing. This site now averages between 150,000 to 200,000 hits a month, bringing the yearly average number of hits over 2 million. I’m updating more frequently now, so I promise to keep the content up-to-date as everything develops.

So I’ve gotta thank all the people I don’t even know who are visiting this site…keep visiting :). Since January of 2004, this site has had 100,000+ hits consistently a month up until present day….uh, so the total number of hits for 2004 was 1.7 million. Somehow I fooled a bunch of people around the globe simultaneously. It’s because I have shrunken oompa loompa heads hanging from the ceiling of my room. That’s it.. Now go eat some ice cream and thumb wrestle a pack of cows.