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A friend of mine says I remind him of this guy Freddie Wong.
I don’t know why.

For those of you that know me watch the video and decide/laugh to yourselves. For those of you that don’t, it’s so awesome it doesn’t really matter either way.

More like an extended movie trailer.
The bar has been raised.
You gotta dig that floating city technology and co-op cinematography. Wow.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn premiered this amazing trailer at E3 2010.
I’ve been a huge fan of all the games, but this looks to be their most ambitious yet. The art style and game design are so darn creative.

For all you fans of retro gaming.

Video by Patric Jean from onemoreproduction.

Steam had a good deal this weekend for the game Zeno Clash.
My interest was originally piqued after reading Brad Shoemaker’s positive review at Giant Bomb.

The pure weirdness of the story and character design caught my eye immediately. The two day sale was enough to convince me to purchase and give it a shot. I’m only a few hours into the game and am having a fun time with it. The melee fighting system has an interesting staccato, and the story is one of the most original I’ve played in a long long time. And the characters…yes, the main characters, protagonists and antagonists are like something out of a twisted fever dream. The weapons are fun to look at and operate also. They are an architectural mish-mash of bones, rocks, and other neolithic objects.

For now the game is only out on PC, and most easily available on Steam. Check it out or at least download the demo if you have a taste for hide and sinew in first person games.

SNK ups the ante of hand drawn sprites in its new 2-D fighter.
This looks to be one of the best looking King Of Fighters yet.
Nice artwork and animation.

I’m a sucker for awesome puzzle games, especially ones like this. The animation and game play look really fun and exciting. Who would have thought barfing rainbows into each other’s mouths could be such a jolly good time?

1up just released a first look at the opening cinematic and battle tutorial gameplay from the Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Demo on PS3. They’ve got nine new videos, this being the first 10 minutes.

I’ve been a fan of the series since Final Fantasy IV (II locally in US). IV was one of the first role-playing games I got into for the story. The battle system interface and graphics engine have been completely overhauled, giving a new level of polish, detail, and interaction. Impressive. The baby Chocobo hiding in Sazh‘s hair is one of my favorite characters.

Shepard’s whereabouts? A Geth sporting an N7 insignia? Haha. All that this intrigue does is get me excited for what’s next.  There are some good speculations already buzzing at the Mass Effect community forums.

Bioware has already announced that you will be able to transfer your character experience and profile directly into the sequel. Now all I want to know is what the next trailer is going to be about.

Street Fighter 4 is looking nice, and the ground swell of loyalists from decades ago and newcomers alike is an exciting thing to bear witness to. Ever since seeing the first teaser screen shots, the old memories of sho-ryu-kens, groups of onlookers, and endless quarters into the Capcom machines have flooded my memories from the early 90’s.

So in that spirit of competition here’s a video of the number one ranked player of Street Fighter 4 in Japan, Daigo Umehara (Ryu) taking on Mago as the classic antagonist Sagat.

Daigo actually gets beaten in this three round match, and you can see the frustrated/angry gamer face underneath the cool reaction of his loss. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more rematches between these two in the near future.

Probably not too smart of a move, but I’ve been cooking virtual food on the DS before bed for the past few days.  The sound effects and graphics are good, so that makes a human tummy growl.  Cooking Mama claps her hands and gets starry eyed when you do an exceptional job.

If it weren’t for such a high-flying feeling of satisfaction, my fortitude would withstand the urge of making…one…more…delicious…meal…

MarioKart is probably one of the most well known and entertaining racing games in history. If you’ve had the experience of decimating people with banana peels and green shells on television screens, you’re going to like this. Watch the video below of Remi Gaillard, a full-grown man in a Mario costume riding through streets of France and throwing banana peels at vehicles.

My dreams of being the first to do this have been crushed. :(

Besides Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, there is one other sparring game that is blowing my mind: Ultimate Ninja Storm. The style, timing, and cinematic quality has been translated in a way which I’ve never seen in a 3-d fighter.  The frame rate seems to hold stable during game play, even at intensive points of combat.

Overall, they really nailed the look and feel of the animated series the title is derived from.


The concept surrounding this title posed some interesting questions not many explore. Origins, self-awareness, and the evolution of social organizations from bestial necessity to cosmic exploration find themselves under the macroscope. The game in no small way entertains the viewpoints between intelligent design and evolution. To some degree I think it plays a hybrid to to both theories. It stays along an evolutionary pathway while simultaneously giving you the choice as someone outside the realm of spore’s universe to decide how things will develop.  It will make you think beyond the game play, for sure.  Check out this in-depth review by Brad Shoemaker for more details.

Spore is the latest game from the prodigious brain of Will Wright and aims to simulate the development of an entire species. The player begins the game in the form of a microscopic organism that arrives on a planet via exogenesis or panspermia, deposited in the primordial oceans by a meteorite impact. From this point on, the player has the ability to change the physical shape of the creature, giving it different evolutionary traits depending on what path the player wants his life form to take. Eventually, the creature evolves to the point of sentience, and a new gameplay mode begins in which the species establishes its own civilization. Cities are built, technology is researched, and eventually the player’s species becomes capable of space flight; the player is able to first explore and colonize their home solar system and later, the entire galaxy. Will Wright has stated that the game’s overall goal is to get to the center of the galaxy, and that the game does, in fact, have an ending. What the ending is, however, remains to be seen.

article source

You will probably do a double-take after watching the trailer below, thinking it’s an old game for the NES. It tricked me too. This is going to be the new Megaman 9 game released by Capcom! They got back to the basics, and even put in the screen flicker that was a staple with the 80’s video game graphics.  It will be out sometime this month.

The new robot masters include: Splash Woman, Galaxy Man, Plug Man, Jewel Man, Magma Man, Tornado Man, Hornet Man, and Concrete Man.

Every once in a while a crazy game comes along that does something to redefine the genre in its time. I was blown away by the play mechanics and logic puzzles in Portal, and it looks like Braid is something of the same category. When I first saw videos if it, the design style had more than a passing resemblance to Super Mario Brothers. In motion in mechanics, however, it shines as something completely unique. The critical response has been favorable for it also.

Check out the SamW89’s review below, and read the developer’s blog here.  The story behind how this game was made is just as compelling as the game itself.  A lot of hard work was put into it being made independently, so I have to give respect for that alone.

I think it is only available for download on XBox Live Arcade and PC in the near future. Hopefully they will release it on the other consoles as well.