rock the campus for the cure: character studies

Seth Olson reached out to me about making promotional art and a tshirt design for the event Rock The Campus For The Cure.

It’s a great cause that is dedicated towards helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. To find out more and Bradley Steven Monk’s story go here.

Not sure of how the text is going to be laid out exactly, but I’m working a lineup of musical characters into the design. Had fun doodling these guys tonight and watching something rad on Netflix. Keeping it loose and letting the pen make the shapes.

…maybe put them in between the two lines of writing “Rock The Campus” and “For The Cure”, so I have a text-character-text sandwich? That could be neat. I’ll be doing another pass by adding text elements later on in the week or early next week.

To see the groupshot image in higher resolution click here.
To see more sketch work click here.