blockhead: the music scene

Been a huge fan, ever since Blockhead’s freshman release of “Music By Cavelight“. The production is downtempo, slick, and atmospheric. This video from his new album is like a fever dream injected with seratonin. It reminds me of a cross between Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Bill Plympton. I never thought I’d be uttering the two in the same sentence but there you go. It’s dope. Check it out.

Blockhead’s ambition to “tell stories without words” is evident from opener “It’s Raining Clouds” onwards. The tune starts off as classic downtempo and ends up almost drum and bass, the music having changed and fallen away, echoing back through itself and feeding into previous themes at least three times. It’s an epic in an album of epics.

At the heart of the record is the remarkable “The Daily Routine”. “Four Walls,” meanwhile aims a musical broadside at the current vogue for autotune. “Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer” is huge ambient space rock hip hop. “The Prettiest Seaslug” is Bahia-beat on opium. “Tricky Turtle” begins as afro-blaxpoitation, turns into a voodoo orgy and ends somewherte in the Middle East. “Farewell Spaceman” starts off sounding like an outtake from “Bewitched” and ends as an ecstatic, chugging flight off into the stars.

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