Hmmmmm……how strange.

Is this real or not? These photos could have easily been done with a bit of glue on the palm. I want to believe that a girl has magnetic powers, because that would be different from the powers that most kids have today. If scientists could conduct some tests, then I guess we’ll have a better idea.

A Serbian schoolgirl has amazed medics with her astonishing magnetic hands.

Ten-year-old Jelena Momcilov has been picking up cutlery, coins and even metal furniture by just touching them at her family home in Zeljusa, since she first discovered her powers five years ago.

Now experts at nearby Nis University have urged scientists to investigate, reports CEN.

“I’d say this is a kind of unknown bio-magnetism. More experts would need to join me and research what this is all about,” said department head Pavle Premovic.

Yes, Pavle, you must find this out, so more of us around the world can summon spoons for breakfast with a wave of the wrist and snap of the finger.

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