raging fire in tamboles village, russia traps drivers

Situations like this have haunted my nightmares from time to time. How you would deal with being trapped in a car, trying to cut through the smoke and unsure of direction or safety?

Some local people were trying to be a bit more proactive and help out their neighbors, and for that they got the scare of their lives. Make sure to read the captions.

Pardon for all the swearing in the video, but I think I would be doing the same thing if this happened to me!

I think I should have written the explanation for the vid, so it’s my fault. Those guys volonteered to help villagers fight the upcomming fire. Half an hour before the footage was taken, they safely used the road, which in the video, as you can see, is on fire, to come to the village in the first place. When they understood that nothing can be done in the village and everything will eventually burn, they’ve decided to drive away asap. But to their surprise the fire got to the road first. Now the reason why they wanted to go back is that there are two roads to the Tamboles village. the one they used in the video (the shortest one) and circumurban road (the longest) due to the fact they wanted to get away asap they’ve chosen the shortest.

Car – Mitsubishi Outlander XL 2007 year.
Camera – Canon 5D Mark II + 24-105

I hope that answers all questions.