dr. seuss horton hears a who tragnark toy

Hey so I guess I can talk about this now, since they’ve announced it on Vinylpulse. Thanks Jack.

horton hears a who

Dr. Seuss mesmerized generations (and continues to do so) of children with numerous books filled with his unique drawings and memorable rhymes. Horton Hears a Who!, one of his most popular titles, tells the tale of the well-known elephant and his ability to hear the tiny and therefore unseen Who’s. The lovable Horton who reminds us all ‘That a person is a person, no matter how small”, will soon be released as a vinyl art toy from Super Rad Toys.

The 10″ rotocast vinyl figure features an inquisitive Horton eyeing the tiny world of Whoville (situated on a ‘speck’ atop a pink flower). In addition to the White Classic Book edition pictured here (production sample — final may vary) , Horton will also drop in Orange, Classic Gray,and a Blue ‘Night’ edition. Logo versions of a few colorways will be available as well. Looking further out, look for several artist editions from Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Mike DeFeo (Blue Sky Studios), Tragnark and more. Horton will drop around the time the children’s book hits the big-screen on March 14th 2008 as a CG animation film from 20th Century Fox / Blue Sky Studios.

horton hears a who

I finished my design several weeks ago and had alot of fun with it! It was a challenge thinking about how I could use Horton’s body creatively as a canvas…. Hahaha. More updates as things are made public…