as you think, so shall you become

So I thought a good starting point for the Bruce Lee show would be to follow the theme of Bruce Lee’s philosophies. He’s got a ton of really inspiring quotes.

One that jumped out to me was, “As you think, so shall you become.”

This made me think of all the people I’ve respected and admired in my own life. Though they are all different, there seems to be a similiar thing: They have worked extremely hard to get to where they were, while remaining true to themselves in the process.

I started thinking that in a way it’s those thoughts that we all have that manifest themselves as creatures. These creatures carry us to who we are in our journey through life. They cannot exist without our own ambition, and make us capable of doing great things.

I realized then that one of these creatures would be fun to paint. I started with a little sketch tonight. It was also influenced by watching those old Tom and Jerry cartoons this weekend. I’ll be doing a sketch on the canvas tomorrow.