taboo on national geographic

I really like this show on National Geographic Channel called Taboo. It’s pretty cool….they travel around the world and showcase different culture’s traditions. Seeing programs like this make me think about the balance between an individual’s ability to create themselves through critical thinking, introspection, etc, and the environment’s own ability upon them to shape and mold.

How much of it is one or the other?

If you were raised in India instead of the United States, what would be the likelihood of you adapting poly-theism as a belief system and window to the world? I wonder about this and how this would apply to myself, my family, and other people I care about. It leads me to the conclusion that it is an important and necessary thing in life to analyze what one takes for granted and think about why one does it: Is it a prominent result of individual process or an automation from other sources? We are all a mixture of both, but I think it’s an awareness to the balance and variables that is the most important.