I had recently done a painting called Dreameaters, which was from a dream that my friend had. It was so bizarre and strange, I had to try and do it justice. I started by drawing a few sketches after the story was told to me. In the process of sketching the Dreameaters they started to tell me who they were.

This is what the sketches looked like:

You can see the final painting here.

Here is the story:

In the dream, she (my friend) is 11 years old, and on the playground of a school. She is with her brother, and all seems normal. All of a sudden, a large plane crashes into the school, shaking the ground violently and catching everything on fire. Car alarms and shrill echoes of burning metal invade the air. Everyone begins screaming and running around in pandemonium. Out of the plane large circular objects with spikes are ejected from the wreckage into the sky. An ominous sound like a tuning fork accompanies the visitors as they propel upwards toward the sun like bottle rockets. Their surface is smooth and shiny. As gravity takes hold, they return from their arch of departure, settling 20 feet from the surface of the planet. It is then the shapes begin attacking and killing(?) everyone in sight. Jiovana finds her brother and uses her magical powers, shrinking him to 25% size and putting him into a small box. They are spotted by the creatures, who begin a silent pursuit. Eventually she and her brother end up in an area where they find these masks, which mysteriously protect them from the antagonistic floaty-rock-demons.

This is where her story ended, and that is where I started adding my own ideas to it.

I realized this dream was the precursor to discovering the power within the masks to reverse the mind’s ability to control the boundaries of the worlds between the conscious and the subconscious. They end up finding out that the creatures were not “killing” people, but consuming their dreams. Additionally, with the masks, they gain the ability to see things in the dream world for what they really are: not just spikey sphere shapes, but a variation of shapes with personality. My painting is my idea of what it would have been like for them to return to that world, the world of the Dreameaters.