ninja show 2

I will be participating in The Ninja Show 2. The opening is on August 11th at 6pm. They’ve got another killer lineup of artists from every creative industry, and it’s gonna be a good one. They had a Ninja T-shirt contest open to all the artists in the show to participate and they picked 2 winners, including my submission. My limited-edition design will be shown and available for purchase opening night of the show at the gallery. I have 2 new pieces as well. I tried pushing my style of work into 2 different directions in subject matter. Wow. That’s alot of 2s.

Opening Reception Saturday, August 11
6pm – 11pm A gallery full of Ninja madness, by over 50 artists.
Whether you saw the first show or not you will not want to miss this one.

-Free Refreshments served
-Come dressed as a Ninja and receive 15% off all instore merchandise.
-There will be plenty of door prizes and sponsored give aways
-There will be a raffle ticket give away


Random Ninjas,Gruses, and more to be announced….


Alex Fuentes
Amy Ortiz
Andy Park
Anna Chambers
Arree Chung
Aaron Jasinski
Aya Kondo
Becky Cloonan
Ben Kehoe
Ben Zhu
Brianne Drouhard
Charlie Wen
Chris Appelhans
Clio Chiang
Corey Lewis
Dan Santat
Daniel Lim
Darren Quach
Doug Murphy
Edwin Ushiro
Elizabeth Ito
Evan B Harris
Fiel Valdez
Frank Stockton
Israel Sanchez
Jaime Zollars
Jake Parker
Jay Baker
Jay Horinouchi
Jim Hsieh
John Wu
Jophen Stein
Jose Lopez
Josh Cochran
Julie West
Justin Ridge
Kazu Kibuishi
Kevin Dart
Khang Le
Kristian Olson
Louis Gonzales
Luke Chueh
Mari Inukai
Martin Hsu
Megan Brain
Mike Lee
Mizna Wada
Nate Wragg
Nathan Fox
Nathan Huang
Patrick Haemmerlein
Patrick Williams
Patrick Leger
Peter Vattanatham
Phil Craven
Rad Sechrist
Reece Hobbins
Robert Kondo
Scott Campbell
Scott Seeto
T & A
Tanya Philpott
Vera Brosgol
Wilson Swain

and more…