comicon was crazy! stan lee, disney channel, stangeco, livepainting, munky king, drink and draw

Woo hoo. Comicon was crazy. So was meeting Stan Lee face to face and talking to him briefly at the Disney Channel event. Thanks for the invite Jay. I fell asleep in the hallway of the convention center in the middle of playing Yoshi’s Island DS, due to sleep deprivation. Live painting at the Strange Co and Munky King event was a fun time. Thanks guys, and thank you Sir Woebots for getting the crew together again. Haha. Oh, if you haven’t picked it up, make sure to get a copy of the “Drink and Draw Vol. 1” published by Image Comics. I finally got to see it (they’ve been gracious enough to give my art a few pages), and I’ll tell you what, Panosian, Johnson, and Johnson put together one bad-ass book of art! More new stuff in the works too….I need to update this thing more often.