Say hello to the piglet squid, a curious critter of the sea.
Here it is in normal “piglet” form.

Mr. piglet undergoes a transformation when it fills itself with surrounding water.
….it starts to look like a certain friend of Jim Hensen, eh?

The Banded Piglet Squid (Helicocranchia pfefferi) is a small squid of the genus Helicocranchia. Adults of this species are mesopelaegic.
The average size of adult H. pfefferi is 100 mm in mantle length (ML). The body consists of a large funnel with small paddle-like fins. They have small tentacles above their eyes. The funnel does not have valves but contains a dorsal pad with three papillae as organs.[citation needed] Paddle-shaped fins are attached to a part of the gladius. H. pfefferi has a single ocular photophore and does not have photophores at its arm tips.