swine flu: the biting pig bites back

What it was, I’m not entirely sure, but starting about two weeks ago I heard some horrid coughs at work. “Holy crap..”, I thought. “Someone is hacking up a black lung in the other room.” By that evening I had light coughs, but I still thought nothing of it. By the next morning I felt like an entire train filled a with shipment of coal had hit me in the face. I was literally well one second, and sick the next.

Going to work at the studio the following morning was, at best, a humorous attempt to transfer sleep mode to a desk while holding a wacom pencil. No dice…. and so began my first steps towards days of cellular warfare….

I am happy to report that after all the coughing and symptoms for nearly two weeks, I feel sort of normal again. This was by far the worst case of flu I’ve ever gotten in my life.

It was like some mutant super-virus or something.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, about half the people I work with got sick, and one of the guys at work was diagnosed with having swine flu.

Woohoo. Well at least I stumbled and bumbled through it to tell the tale.

Swine flu, you loose.