Here are six different ideas I explored in rough thumbnail format. I tried creating different dominant shapes as well as themes and lighting. The challenge was starting with the same blank space as the foundation for each concept. I’ve titled each of the sketches according to their separate stories, all scifi in theme.

A) crytrog lab: This is where they fertilize bansula eggs, grow juveniles into mature adults, and teach them to use technology for further experimentation on their cognition and reasoning capabilities. The large “arm-like” appendage stretching through the center of the composition is attached to a mature bansula, and allows it to manipulate small objects in a precise way while being monitored by the crytrogs at their stations below. Why the investment in the study of bansulas? The answer lies at the core of crytrog technology, which is powered by plasmid life-force. It appears that bansulas are one of the largest natural providers of this energy source, and further study would allow for more advanced implementation of crytrogian core technology both socially and militarily.

B) church of nil a tar: A modern day bishop in the 40th century guides his congregation into the sanctum of power, which resembles a massive egg with tentacles growing from the bottom. Inside the sanctum of power is where worship takes place. The Sanctum itself is rumored to allow magnified fortitude of prayer and ritual.

C) vektov shopping center: The pleasure spaceport on the vektov moon has one of the most advanced shopping centers in the tyro nebula. Outfitted with the newest in clothing, consumer technologies, and entertainment, it also amuses in guidance with the upgrade to an all new floating map hologram system, consisting of vertically arranged shards of joopher crystals displaying pertinent directions and information.

D) darmic spa: Built on the 6 million year old springs in the crater of toth, the darmic spa is a haven for those looking to relax and detoxify the mind and body. Large, jars of balsamic liquids populate the rooms, releasing soothing vapors similar to eucalyptus on planet earth.

E) kellarn repair center: During the philgon wars, many war machines, known as “kellarn” were developed and used in battle to subsitute human casualties. The length of the wars were millenia, with many iterations of the metal behemoths, created, destroyed, and refurbished. Although the philgon now see times of piece, the kellarn are still popular in use for more commercial tasks. Repair centers such as this are popular for modifying or repairing kellarn to serve tasks to consumers and bidders alike.

F) ruins of xayn: Long thought to be a story of legends, the ruins of xayn hidden below the dunes of xilxa where told to hold mystic treasures for those that were daring enough to seek them out. Explorer Tal and his assistant Frank have been researching the potential whereabouts xayn for roughly 200 years, and are now on the verge of making archeological history.

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