up: the motley crew of carl, russell, dug, and kevin

Carl Fredricksen, an elderly man with a floating house traverses through an undiscovered world of flora and fauna, accompanied by a young asian cubscout, a technologically enhanced golden retriever, and exotically strange bird….and, it’s completely acceptable because of solid personality and character development.

carl russell dug and kevin

I just saw UP¬†over the weekend. This has got to be one of my favorite Pixar stories, and they’ve already set the bar pretty high with all the other films. What always blows my mind about these guys is the surgical care they take to every iota of the what happens, and how it weaves into the overall theme that’s being communicated.

I loved all the characters, but found myself cheering the most for Carl throughout the film.¬† He has this complicated yet simple personality arc, from childhood into the present day that is just….constructed so well!

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. Just go see it. :)
Oh, and if you have any grandparents or older folks you’re close too, take them to see it also.