godzilla 2000: filled with emotion and wonder

I’m a big fan of all the Godzilla flicks, so today the Mrs. and I thought it would be….wait, let me rephrase that. “I” thought it would be fun to finally watch the glory that is Godzilla 2000.

Just be happy you weren't around after the spicy meal....

The included party were quickly converted from doubting to disciple as the powerful drama unlatched itself along a humorously dubbed timeline.

I was quite satisfied with movie, which delivers on the familiar formula of humanity’s love/hate relationship with the radioactive-faced beast.

Something I still don’t get is how he is always attacked by those missiles early on in the plot, waving and bellowing to the heavens above. It seems that our species has a hard time grasping the numerous examples of Godzilla’s dispersing of aliens, mech doppelgangers, and other mutated monstrosities alike.

Thank you Godzilla…I remember, unlike those fools who barrage you with the latest in ballistics technology every other storyline.

The most exciting element of the viewing experience can be credited to Mrs. Jiovis, who broke down in tears during the climactic end battle between Godzilla and final boss. As we all know Godzilla must first sustain heavy attack before summoning shear willpower to overcome and win.

Without spoiling anything at all, I will be general:

The emotional moment crested as Godzilla was struck upon multiple times by an ultra combo attack which ended with a building collapsing on his rubbery cranium.

The cries made their way quickly to occupy the room surrounding my ear ducts.

“Waaaaaahhhhhh!! *sniff* *sniff*…..Godzillaaaaaaa!”

I responded quickly with assurance.

“Don’t worry Jiovis, Godzilla is going to win.  Count on it.”

…and win he did….but you’ll have to see the movie for yourself to enjoy the crescendo of the experience.