tony jaa in ong bak 2

When the movie is released in the country you’re reading this, I am not entirely sure.  I am avidly anticipating its arrival.  Tony Jaa is easily one of the most talented and incredible martial artists in the world today.

The action sequences in his previous Ong Bak film have no wirework, no stunt doubles, and no special effects. You are seeing all the skills, raw and uncut. Most impressive.

I’m hoping and expecting more of the same for this time around. In many ways the sequel sets to expand on Tony’s diverse knowledge of martial arts, highlighting his ability to shift from one style of fighting to another.

Like many of his contemporaries, he’s had an interesting story and many hardships to overcome to get to this point in his career. I like how the herds of elephants to bow to him also.

Don’t you wish elephants would bow before you?