dog whisperer 100th episode this friday

There are only a handful of TV shows that I can watch for a while, and continue watching. I would have to put Cesar Millan’s show Dog Whisperer at the top of that list. It’s awesome. That guy really knows how animals think, from the inside out. What is clear to anyone watching is his natural intuition, and how the shows end up being lessons for people to live in balance as much as the animals involved.

My friend is a teacher and uses a lot of advice from Cesar in dealing with her own students. When you think about it, kids live in the moment much like a dog, and need discipline and exercise in the same way. Like Cesar says, people often confuse love and respect when raising their animals, and the result is an animal that walks all over the owner with no acknowledgment for them as a pack leader. I have nothing but respect for any parent out there trying to raise their children right after thinking about this stuff.  It takes a lot of effort to do anything the right way.

Anyway, the 100th show is this friday on National Geographic channel. I can’t wait to see it. It should be a great episode.