golem toy black on black write-up on vinylpulse

My friend Jack at Vinylpulse was kind enough to do a little write-up and review of the black on black version. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Click here to read the full article and review.

He took a few pictures also. I really like this one.

golem in front of an energy symbol

When you buy the Golem, there will be an insert card with a detailed story about the culture’s history and a map on the other side. You will find that the Golem’s main purpose is that of a vessel, carrying the spiritual energy from one generation to another. On the map you will see that it highlights surrounding bodies of water, countries, cities, islands, oceans, rivers, and a “crater”. On the upper-left hand corner there is an insignia for “Planet Gunganap”. What does this mean to you as the new explorer in this land? It means that the Hlin race are an element of Planet Gunganap and tied into its history as well as the future. Hold onto your hats, this isn’t the last that you’ll be hearing of this planet or the Golem…..