street fighter 4

Ok, soooo, since I’m in a martial arts type of mood, I think it would only be fitting to bring up one of the raddest examples that set the pinnacle and standard for fighting games: Street Fighter. Yes, that’s right, after a long wait in the series, they are coming out with number 4.

The word is that Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, and Chun Li are confirmed as a part of the roster. There is one new female, Crimson Viper. The rest of the fighters at this point are a mystery.

As you can see from this awesome screen shot, the engine will be in 3-d, with the game mechanics retained from the previous 2-d versions. They are referring to the experience as “2.5 dimensions”.

ryu getting ready to kick ass

What I am happy about hearing in interviews with project lead, Yoshinori Ono, is talk of getting back to the fundamentals of the series, tapping into the essence of what made it great, and building from there. In fact it was Yoshinori that was the main catalyst behind continuing the series because he loved it so much. It took alot of convincing on his part with executives on the marketability of a previous title. He referred frequently to the core audience of gamers being people who are older now and in college or beyond that, so they are especially focused on making the game play experience accessible for those that have been with the mechanics and timing since the beginning.

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