the language and symbols of the dogon tribe

dogon tribe

I am curious about the controversy surrounding knowledge of ancient cultures such as the Dogon Tribe, some of which is said to measure equal to astrophysics and super string theory. In addition, how did the Dogon have knowledge of far away star systems that we have only discovered recently with our technology? Was it true or a distorted account of history?

Here we have the story of a curious programmer, Laird Scranton, who dissects the language and symbology of the Dogon, and reveals startling logic and conclusions. The construction of electrons in an atom, phases of civilization, and the diagrammed groupings of quantum particles, are only a few examples of the what is sure to raise eyebrows with those not familiar with this interesting culture.

In this five part video, John Anthony West interviews Laird Scranton about his book: “Hidden Meanings“. Scranton explains how the Dogon tribe in West Africa originated Egyptian symbolism, philosophy, physics and even modern science.

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