the single biggest con: i am you

I’m in agreement with most of what is said in this short video segment. While it is a compelling and logical viewpoint that a portion of what is reality can be attributed to an illusion woven by ego, I’d simultaneously make a debate for cases where “evil” has been documented to exist externally from perception.

When you deal with metaphysical issues such as this, you often run into the debacle of where the control ends. Sure, we can say that we are slaves to our intrinsic subjectivity, but any axiom offered may also be brought into the presumption that it only exists as a more sophisticated Matryoshka doll.

……Your ego, referred to in Hebrew as Yetzer Hara (destructive force), is the self-centered, immediate-gratification-at-any-cost part of your personality.

The mystical sources say the Yetzer Hara covers your essence like mud on a windshield. It’s given to you at birth and dies along with the body. In the interim, it wreaks havoc. It speaks to you in the first person saying things like:

“If someone gets more recognition and honor than me, I’ll just die”

“I don’t really have to prepare for the meeting, maybe I’ll catch a movie”

“Just one more piece of double chocolate cheesecake and that will be it.”

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