the indian thriller that is golimar

Do you think you have what it takes to hang with the boys of Golimar? Watch this incredible video, dance along, and decide for yourself.

A viral video involving Donga stems from a scene featuring a song called Golimar (Shoot the Bullet). The scene contains choreography and elements which appear to be very similar to Michael Jackson’s music video for Thriller (which leads to the common name for the video, “Indian Thriller”).

A popular parody of the video is a mondegreened version by Buffalax entitled “Indian Thriller with English lyrics”, featuring subtitles with English approximations of the lyrics, producing lines such as “Girly man” instead of “Golimar”, and proposes the pumping of Ovaltine “or Salty Shanty’s One-Shot Tea”. He has also done similar videos for other Indian and foreign music videos.

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