half life series

The Half Life series is one of my favorite video games of all time, so I figure that I must blog about it at least once on the site.

For starters, the story is genius. It’s easy to fabricate a reality with complexities blaring at an even intensity across the board. What makes this series truly brilliant are all the elements that it interplay with variation and subtlety.

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Action, adventure, drama, twists, turns, character archs, and an unfolding and vastly cohesive world on many levels…..and that’s just the story. The way in which such a textured world is translated into an involved and interactive gaming experience puts it through the roof. It taps into ideas and concepts paralleling our own world history both politically and socially, but that’s not to say that the plot is written in a way that spells out all the details….so much is implied in a way which challenges the player to build mental bridges external to game-play.

I’ve found a well-written site which explains the plot in full detail. Breaking it down shows how the lines of reality thread, with the main protagonist Gordon being put into stasis outside space and time while elements of reality plod through cycles of development, destruction, and revolution. This however, only accounts for the story in bird’s eye view, which glazes over character relationships and the nuances of development that contribute towards the overall zeitgeist of the world. The majority of gameplay experience is top-notch because it places the focal point on the characters. You become wholly involved with every main character, and love them and hate them for the decisions and roles they play in the bigger picture.

Take the time to read the story if you’re into science fiction and war epics.
So much is borrowed and inspired by real elements of history to create a believable world.

Half Life time line in full detail.