When it comes to information that is out of my skill set, I enjoy hearing lectures by experts in those particular fields. What if hundreds of them were officially documented to being witness to unexplainable and curious events?

Science logically accounts for roughly 1% of the known universe, and we have explored less than 1% of our own ocean floors. What mysteries exist in remaining 99% of physical reality remain to be determined..or discovered.

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Opening excerpt of testimonials in the first 3 minutes include those in the occupation of: USAF aircraft control / National Guard JAG – Eisenhower Whitehouse / Aerospace Researcher – NASA / United States Navy Radar Specialist / United States Navy Radar Operator USS Roosevelt / Senior Air Traffic Controller – Mexico City Intl. Airport / Senior FAA Official / Air Traffic Controller – Edwards Airforce Base / US Airforce – Chief Master Sergeant – NRO / US Navy Pilot – Top Secret Nuclear Clearance / US Navy – Top Secret Clearance, Zebra Badge / United States Airforce – SAC Lauch Officer and Engineer / US Marine Corps / Langley Air Force Base VA –
Tactical Air Command / United States Airforce – Security Specialist / Military Intelligence – Ministry of Defense.

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These materials are, as you can now discern, only the tip of the iceberg of what we have recorded on digital videotape. That is, from over 120 hours of testimony by over 100 witnesses we transcribed only 33 hours and then further edited materials down to a fraction of that amount. Moreover, the full archive represents the testimony of only 100 witnesses of the more than 400 identified to date. The edited testimony will be appearing in book form. A portion of it appears in The Disclosure Project Briefing Document and only small excerpts and summary bios of testimony appear in this Executive summary. We hope in the future to secure funding for a 5-6 part broadcast quality video documentary series to be made from the videotaped testimony we have as the impact of hearing and seeing these witnesses speak is very moving.

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