an evening with royal toad

toad and iI happened upon an unlikely visitor during a late night stroll: a royal toad. I tried to fold my arms in front like him while taking this photo. There was a sudden tension in the air shortly afterwards.

Royal toad seemed to resonate an offense to my posing, as if I was mocking his “toadness”.

I asked royal toad, “Can I PLEASE get a closer photo of you?” He tersely replied, “You stupid fool, they have an invention called ‘Adobe Photoshop’ which allows you to zoom in on an image with the ‘crop’ tool.” I was taken aback by this, somewhat disheartened and offended. Before being able to fully recover my senses, he had made off to his secret underground abode below the sidewalk.

The muppet-like grin on my face quickly assumed unhappy mode.

Begrudgingly, I took his advice and posted a close-up vanity image courtesy of computer technology.

close up of the toad