the wise little hen knows best

A group of friends and I have been talking about the economy for years. One thing that we agree on is being prepared for long-term situations, especially those of us that are married, have families, or responsible for other family members. What is ironic is finding this piece of animation today after reading a forum discussion about Henry George and his economic theories. The story of the Hen illustrates in a humorous way how our own short-sightedness can often lead a self-inflicted uppercut to the face. Will we be Donald and Peter, making merry without a care in the world, or will we be the Hen?

The Wise Little Hen is a Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies cartoon, based on the fairy tale The Little Red Hen. This cartoon marked the debut of Donald Duck. Donald and his friend Peter Pig try to avoid work until Mrs. Hen teaches them the value of labor. This cartoon was released on June 9, 1934. It was animated by Art Babbitt, Dick Huemer, Dick Lundy, and Ward Kimball.

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